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Chinese social media, after years of development, have become much diversified. It can be classified into the following categories: Microblog, WeChat, The Red Book, Douyin, Location Base Service, Q&A, Wiki, etc.

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Through the analysis of social media’s development history, it can be seen that the development of China’s social media in itself is a very unique one.
Social media platforms are an essential tool for small business, to atrract customers and mareket new or existing products. 85% of small business surveyed report using social media for their business, with nearly 50% indicating they use four or more social platforms.
Social Media Strategy is a brand-specific approach to engaging with its audiences online. A successful social media strategy is one that utilises both organic and paid social media.
A mix of both organic and paid ensures a larger reach and following. A social media strategy should encompass a brand’s specific social media goals and business objectives and provide a path to achieving them all with a clear structure.

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Our digital team can help establish and grow your social community using strategic content and social campaigns that reinforce brand messaging while highlighting initiatives, services, products and events.
Also work directly with your marketing team to secure promotion calendars, event/sponsorship details, lifestyle photography and more to create an integrated program that aligns with brand initiatives throughout the year. In managing social platform content, 5W can spearhead the following activities:
• Create an overarching social strategy for the brand, including social voice and persona, target audiences, competitive landscape, channel strategies, key messaging pillars and visual identity
• Draft and execute monthly content calendars
• Manage the social platforms and facilitate the sharing of content
• Establish community management guidelines and respond to customer service inquiries
• Ongoing photo and video creation and/or utilize existing assets to develop social-first creative
• Host and facilitate giveaways and creative campaigns
• Build relationships with influencers and brands for co-promotion campaigns and posts

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