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Pushed by the growth of internet users, digital media using time and online video & audio business, online advertising revenue is to maintain its fast development while the revenue of traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and TV advertising probably further decline. Paid advertising is the use of paid advertising on social networks to spread awareness of a business or product. Social Media ads can be shown at particular points in time, to specific demographics and/or geographic locations. It helps any company with a brand or business build awareness and reaches new audiences.

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Our digital team executes strategic paid media plans to ensure the correct message meets your target audience at the right time. We combine data, imagination and expertise to get impressive results and conversions for our clients.
We combines paid advertising with the latest brand-building techniques to deliver a content-focused, unique and targeted approach that will help you take your brand to the next level.
The various social media platforms can be extremely useful in driving leads and business for your company. Incorporating internet marketing into your overall marketing strategy can help establish a brand, increase consumer awareness and improve search engine ranking.
Once we've identified which of your strategic content pieces generates the most traffic, engagement and advocacy, we will look to amplify your content further with paid media. We will build a paid strategy, identifying platforms and ad types of our campaign. This can include strategies across:
• Social – Weibo, WeChat, The Red Book, Douyin, bilibili
• Network Ads - Text, Video, Display Native

The Target

Our team will build and deploy targeting parameters, ad types and ad sets to ensure your content reaches your end user in an engaging way. We monitor our ad performance on an ongoing basis to optimize campaign budget, as well as leverage learnings from ad performance for the benefit of targeting parameters and overall digital strategy.

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