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Influencer Marketing has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy if used appropriately. Whether it be for sale of a particular product, brand exposure of traffic to a website choosing the correct influencer for your brand or company is vitally important.

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We maintain outstanding relationships with influencers in all arenas of lifestyle, entertainment, food, business, sports, popular culture and more. Fancy Communications is well-versed in the influencer space and always recommends implementing various influencer marketing tactics to drive momentum and awareness. We believe that influencers can be a tool to introduce your product or service, surprise consumers and engage with them in unexpected moments.
We can help support and maintain existing relationships, as well as vet and seed potential new targets and own the program as needed. Influencers can be a great way to further develop engagement with a specific audience.
The top three influencer marketing targets for businesses include raising brand awareness (85%), reaching new markets (71%), and generating revenue and conversions (64%).

Planning Strategy

We will deliver a full program strategy inclusive of influencer personas and "must-have" requirements (follower size, engagement rate, audience demographics), key platforms, timeline, content requests and KPI goals. Once the strategy has been finalized, the team works to quickly and efficiently launch your influencer campaign inclusive of:
Influencer Research – Our team will vet and present your team with influencers that align with our predetermined requirements
Contract Negotiation- We will negotiate terms of contract with all influencers (timing, amount of posts, types of posts, ownership of content, hashtag use, exclusivity etc.)
Content and Calendar Management- Once contract terms are finalized, we work closely with each influencer to ensure all content is posted according to schedule and matches branding guidelines and requirements
Paid Amplification - The team can also explore opportunities to further amplify partnerships by boosting to broader audiences.
Reporting and Optimization – we will continuously monitor and optimize all influencer efforts by utilizing unique swipe up links, platform metrics and tapping into conversion points (via google analytics, etc.).

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